Student Computers at Uppsala University

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Students who are enrolled at one of the departments at Blåsenhus also have access to the computer rooms in rooms 21:133, 21:134 and 21:135 with their campus card.

Room number Available computers
21:133  6 computers
21:134 10 computers
21:135 10 computers

Blåsenhus Library 15 computers Opening Hours


BMC has 6 computer rooms. It is required that you are registered for a course that uses the computer rooms to gain access to them (i.e. only students at BMC). The computer rooms can only be used when they are not booked.

Room number Available computers
A6:001  12 computers
A6:002  11 computers
A6:003 25 computers
A4:214b 19 computers
A5:011b 14 computers
A5:017b 15 computers

BMC Library 9 computers Opening Hours


Thera are student computers available at all subject libraries. Carolina Redeviva has 15 public computers and a combined teaching- and computer room with 9 computers. The computer room requires an access card. Find Carolina Rediviva opening hours here.

Room Available computers
Hall C 9 computers


At EBC there are 3 computer rooms that are open from 05.00 to 24.00 every day. All computers can be used with both Windows and Linux.

Room number Available computers
EBC 05.00064A  24 computers
EBC 05.00064B  14 computers
EBC 05.00053 10 computers

The computer rooms at Geocentrum require a campus cards for entry and can only be used by students enrolled in programs or courses given by the Department of Earth Sciences. These students have free access to the classrooms between 5 am to 12 pm, as long as the rooms are not booked for teaching.

Name Room number Available computers

Silent Reading Room (enter through Närke or Geo Library)

GK120  6 computers
Närke GK116 9 computers + 1 teaching computer with larger screen
Dalarna GM218 22 computers + 1 teaching computer with projector and a larger screen
Uppland FL217 22 computers + 1 teaching computer with projector and a regular screen

The Biology Library 4 computers Opening Hours
The Geo Library 5 computers


The computer rooms at Ekonomikum are at present only open to students enrolled at each department.

Department Room number Number of computers
Kulturgeografen H432 20 computers
Nationalekonomi B178 10 computers
Statistik H319, H326 30 computers
Informatik och media F316, F321, F324, F332 80 computers

Ekonomikum Library 6 computers Opening Hours


Students at the English Park Campus, have access to computers in “Grottan” (building 2, floor K1) Monday–Friday 08.00–16.00.

The computer rooms 7-0019 and 9-0044 are open Monday–Thursday 08.00–20.00 and Friday 08.00–18.00. Access card required. After opening hours it is not possible to enter the computer rooms.

Computer rooms 9-1070 and 9-1068 may be used by students at certain study programmes when they are not booked for teaching. Access card required.

Room number Available computers
7-0019 4 computers
9-0044 8 computers
9-1070    17 computers
9-1068 12 computers

Karin Boye Library 15 computers Opening Hours


There are no student computer rooms available at Gamla Torget.

Dag Hammarskjöld and
Juridiska Library
8 computers Opening Hours


On Campus Gotland there is a computer room with 24 computers. The room is free to use as long as no teaching is in progress and is open from 06:00 to 24:00 every day.

Room number Available computers
B36 24 computers


There are several computer rooms at Polacksbacken Campus. These are free to use when not booked for teaching. All computer rooms require an access card.

Room number Available computers
ITC.1312 20 computers
ITC.1313 20 computers
ITC.2315  20 computers
Ång.4102 20 computers
Ång.4103 16 computers
Ång.4104 16 computers
Ång.6K1101 31 computers
Ång.6K1107 33 computers

Ångström Library 6 computers Opening Hours

The Department of Information Technology (ITC) also has a number of "thin clients" using the Linux environment. These require a separate account (i.e. not accessible with a regular student account).

Room number Available computers
ITC.1412 16 Linux-computers
ITC.1515 40 Linux-computers
ITC.1549 18 Linux-computers
ITC.2507 20 Linux-computers
ITC.2510 39 Linux-computers
ITC.2516 20 Linux-computers
Last modified: 2021-11-10