File area - our offer

The IT Division offers file area services as follows:

The equipment is placed in the dedicated server hall, which offers good security such as access control, UPS, backup power, redundant cooling and fire extinguishing systems. The server consists of two separate units, which work together and can be upgraded separately so that service never needs to be interrupted, for example during security updates. Data is stored in the same disk array as the University’s administrative systems.

The solution contains a special snapshot function so that users can easily retrieve the latest versions of files written over or deleted by mistake. In many cases, this avoids multiple backup restores in other systems. Fifteen percent of the file space is reserved for this functionality and cannot be directly used for storage.

Operation is staffed during office hours. User issues that cannot be handled locally can be sent to, 018-471 44 00. The IT Service Desk is open weekdays 8:00am - 9:00pm and weekends 2:00pm - 5:30pm

The file area is connected to the University’s AD. Groups and similar that are defined there can be used for access control and other things in the file area.

As emergency recovery, if we were to encounter a software bug that overwrites an entire file area or in the unlikely event the disk array completely fails, a current copy of the content is kept in the backup system. This is updated regularly, usually once a week.

As an additional service, in order to restore files further back in time, a traditional file backup is recommended. Backup policies can be flexibly adapted to the needs of each file area in terms of storage time, number of versions, etc.