Student Records Office

Uppdok is a computer-based documentation system which contains information about the students at Uppsala University. The Ministry of Education and Research stipulates in the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100) what kind of information the universities and university colleges must have about the students. 'Uppdok' is a local name for Ladok, which is the national documentation system for higher education in Sweden. Ladok is owned by a consortium of about 40 universities and university colleges and the software development and maintenance is a common project for the participants.

In short, the records contain the following information about students in the first (undergraduate) and second (Master's) cycles:

  • name and civic registration number,
  • general eligibility for university studies,
  • admission to courses and study programmes,
  • registration (presence) on every course each term,
  • credits taken, and
  • degrees.

The following regards students in the third (doctoral) cycle:

  • name and civic registration number
  • basic degrees,
  • admission to third-cycle studies,
  • supervisors,
  • courses achieved,
  • degree of research activity,
  • licentiate essay,
  • doctoral thesis, and
  • degrees.

Student services

Uppsala University has a variety of student services collected in one place: The Student Portal — 'The Home Portal for Students of Uppsala University'. The Student Portal offers, among other things, access to study results and e-transcripts. To be able to use the Student Portal, you must have a student account from UpUnet-S, the student computer network for Uppsala University. You can find information about these services and about how you can get an account on the Upunet-S on the following address:

All students in the first and second cycles, who have an account on Upunet-S, the student computer network for Uppsala University, get a message to their personal e-mail address each time any result from an examination has been registred in Uppdok.

If you need an official transcript of record, the departments or the Student Service can be of help.

Verifying qualifications

The Student Records Office responds to requests for information on educational attainments from employers and the public.

Please provide full name and date of birth in respect of the person you are enquiring about.

Requests should preferably be made via e-mail to