International Office

The International Office has been a part of the Student Affairs and Academic Registry Division since 2009. We work with the various departments at Uppsala University and foreign universities and partners. If you are a student looking for information regarding exchange studies please visit .


We coordinate various programmes such as Erasmus Life Long Learning Programme (LLP), Tempus, Jean Monnet, Nordlys, Erasmus Mundus, Linnaeus-Palme, SANORD and Nordic Centre Fudan and India. For more information or to get in contact with the relevant officer please visit

We are active in the strategic development of international education policy. Should you have any questions regarding international agreements or require more information on how to start an agreement please contact us for more information.

The International Office participates in international education fairs at the university, in Sweden as well as internationally. We are happy to participate if your department requires information about international cooperation and international agreements.

We have contacts with many international universities and embassies. We are happy to assist in welcoming international guests. In this area we work closely with Akademiintendenturen. If your department is going to recieve international guests you are welcome to contact us.

The International Office administers agreements with more than one hundred universities globally. These agreements complement the departmental agreements, and we are able to give advice to all students considering an exchange.

MoveOn is a software for managing international agreements. The International Office is in charge of implementing this software where, in time, all international agreements and applications will be administrated.

The International Office produces and disseminates material aimed towards students at Uppsala University and international students who are interested in studying at the university. We coordinate, in cooperation with the Student Union and the student nations, the reception of exchange students and international master students.