Uppsala University offers world-class research and excellent education programmes with global value for society, industry and culture. As part of the central administration, the Office for Leadership and Organisational Development is responsible for providing effective support to those working within the University. We embrace issues related to leadership, individual, group and organisational development. The unit actively pursues development in order to promote good leadership and employeeship within the University.

The Office for Leadership and Organisational Development’s mission implies the following:

  • To provide high-quality education programmes and other forms of development, directed towards management functions at all levels within the University
  • To provide effective forms of development in order to strengthen administrative support to management functions
  • To provide support for each individual's development as a professional player
  • To provide support for group development
  • To provide skills enhancement opportunities as support for organisational development
  • To provide consultative support within the unit's field of activity
  • To collaborate with other universities, both nationally and internationally, in order to continuously develop competence within the unit's field of activity.



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